Gesi - retro electric bathroom radiator

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Retro radiators are the perfect finishing touch to any bathroom. Bathroom radiators are made of steel covered with brass and can be covered with many colours. Retro radiators fully functional and will provide warmth in the room.

  • 1000x530 mm - 263 watt
  • 1200x530 mm - 305 watt
  • Possibility to choose from 5 colours
  • Special colour or dimensions on request - individual pricing
  • The radiator is electric.
  • Option with connection to central heating system - link
  • Valves sold separately
  • 3 years warranty

Retro radiators are the perfect finishing touch to any bathroom. They are as functional as they are striking. Bathroom radiators are manufactured from steel covered with brass, which guarantees their resistance to damage and ensures durability. Moreover it also gives them a unique character and colour.ns.

Dimensions and power:

  • 1000x530 mm - 263 watt
  • 1200x530xmm - 305 wat

Technical drawings:

Primary colours:

  • chrome
  • graphite
  • brass glossy
  • satin
  • old brass



Product on request | Shipping in 21-28 business days


1. Are valves included? - Valves are not included.
2. Can I have my own dimensions / shape? - It is possible to modify the sizes according to the customer's order. Please send your request by e-mail
3. Is the radiator on water or electric? - The radiator is electric. It is possible to convert it to water.
4, How is the electric heater made? - If there is no risk of freezing, the radiator is filled with 98% water. If there is a risk of freezing, the heater is flooded with glycol solution with a freezing point of approx. -30C, also to approx. 98% of its volume. After flooding, the electric heater is connected.
5 Will the valves and the radiator be the same colour? - Yes
6. What is the production time? - 3 to 5 weeks
7. How far is the radiator from the wall? - 3/5 cm it is possible to regulate
8. What is the distance between the valves? - You can find the information in the Technical drawings.
9. Can the valves be vented? - Yes
10. What is the radiator made of? - The radiator is made of steel and covered with a brass layer.